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The details for ordering cusotmized hair pieces or wigs.

Order No.


Base type: ( please advise the base types, or send us a base picture, or send a sample picture)


Mold: Regular order without mold, with mold/template.   Base size: without mold, please provide the correct size.


Color: color number for men or for women, or provide the hair color samples.


Hair curl:  Straight, or slight wave, or other curl sizes.


Hair density:  From extra light, to light, light/medium. medium, heavy.


Hair length: 6 inch or longer.


Hair type: Indian hair, or Chinese hair, or European  hair and so on.


Grey hair: no or if have, please advise Synthetic grey hair or human hair grey. and the percent of grey on different parts.


Base color: if have special request, please mark.


Quantity:  1 or more.



         Hair piece measure

        Full wig measure 

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